Tuesday, 4 March 2008

What is the Church?

The Way it Should Be....

On the day of Pentecost the disciples were given the gift of God's spirit to empower, comfort, move and stir them to preach the Gospel to all nations. it was God's calling to the disciples. Saying to them that with him their faults would be compensated, their weaknesses made strength and their willingness eternally rewarded.
The Church is not just a gathering of those who believe, it is a living breathing, moving, teaching community. The Church is a people who have seen in Christ a new way to live and have dedicated their life to the proclamation of his Kingdom here and now.
I often look at the Sermon on the Mount as the "KINGDOM MANIFESTO." It was Jesus refutation of the obvious; that the strongest survive. In this Kingdom of God there is a new way to see the world, the perspective that puts all strength and power in the hands of God and recognizes his love for those we see as the least.
As the Church we should have these words of Jesus written into the fabric of our community, giving an air of quasi insanity to our actions. We are given the power to preach these words because we have the Holy Spirit to embolden us, and as we act as the Church we show the world a new way, a new truth and a new life, that can be found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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