Saturday, 16 August 2008


I was just in Lithuania, a former soviet state with a very similar
relationship to Russia. I am irate, NATO had promised to protect
Georgia, but when the chips fall they walk away. The Rebel areas of
places like Georgia are often encouraged by Russia, who still sees the
former states sort of like ungrateful and rebellious Teenagers.

Russia is saying that this is a "defense" of their citizens, but they
have been bombing areas far away from the the Conflict regions.

I am Completely biased, but I think this was a very well planed
attack by Russia. They slowly escalate rebel forces in Georgia, arm
them and then just as the world turns it's attention to China for the
Olympics they snatch up the most outwardly westernized former soviet

I have been to the KGB museum in Vilnius. It was like going to a
concentration camp, and what they did to Georgia was no different.
What these people have been through is unfathomable.

Yet the world watches the Olympics, as Georgia watches their freedom
and land stripped from them.