Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Loving Jesus more than we fear the World

Heavenly Father,

We are clinging to the chains Easter has broken.
We still fear our mortality- we fear our weakness.

But lord we proclaim that Christ is Risen- all the while fearing the grave.
We ask for Mercy, yet fear that death is greater than you who give us life.

God, forgive us your fickle people.

In Christ we Pray

Monday, 12 April 2010


Christ is Risen.

The best part of that statement is the verb conjugation of "to be." We say IS, not was, not will. Christ IS risen.
Why does that matter? It means that the activity of God in the resurrection of Christ is not forgotten or tamed or mellowed. The word IS denotes the radical immediacy of Jesus' conquest over death.

We don't live after Jesus- we live IN the reality of the cross and out of Christ's victory over death.

Oh death where is thou sting?!