Monday, 4 January 2010


Glowing embers remain. Flickering as though their very soul is leaving them slowly
whisping away in waves of heat expired.

Shadows creep, wrapping their tendrils around the spirited remains of a fire once proud-
once tall and vivacious

Yet here- hudled in solidarity- confined to ashen dark- are all that have not been given over to the naught.
Perspiring light in auburn hue-
Flashing white and yellow with any that venture too near.

So they linger- fierce - but not immune to entropy's fatal coarse.
Unless we blow- sending the very breath of life into this remnants ranks

unless we feed them pine and oak
As they evangelize with heat wood that is dead
unlocking all the heat hidden within

but they still flutter and fade- impeded
drowned in onyx waves- pressing from all sides
seen and unseen
the theif of the night

So we who breathe, let us whisper
to these huddled orbs of fire true

And listen as they whisper back
Fore we listen to the spirits voice
repeating these whispers back in vigor renewed

So that we do not suppose that heat found us alone
but rather we were found first by those remnants of flames long past

These cherished embers flicker
shrouded in ashen waste

But incline an ear and you will hear

So we might whisper back.

The Decade Beast

Decades are funny creatures- they roam and luber - as if never an imposing threat.
Yet as you let this beast meander and grow, it is all at once upon you!
With eyes like Crystal balls, showing all that was once dreamed- all that is and , alas is not.

But I look into its eyes now- this ugly beast so it is , and voyage on into its gaze the victor.
Few are the dreams not fulfilled- in fact few are the dreams not surpassed
but lonesome am I in triumph-few can speak words as joyful and true

Fore it's rancor has belayed this beast's pestilence
Fangs tha have sunk deep and tore wide the world of victors past.

I wonder now- as it slowly births its child upon us all- small and cute and hopeful- will those crystal eyes treat me as kindly as its mother's did?