Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Those stairs creaked
The door was hinged ruggedly on the old frame

Standing in no sense of anticipation at all
Useless banter emanating around me

Yet with that creaking and the door so eagerly swinging
The room became new

Smiles were all the same, the laughter still echoing
And in some moments it settled into regularity

She was always there
But I never knew what to look for

I searched and came up bare
The search itself senseless.

Idle exploits led to idle ends
Rose by thorny Red Rose
Scattered in my wake

Forbiddances were written everywhere
Alongside amusing degrees of doubt

Humorous reactions to my overbearing hubris
And increasingly overbearing it became

Mixing a touch of obsession with determination
The sum of the parts equates insanity

the insane overpowers dignity
A reckless abandon towards inevitable demise

Healthy hearts know how to admit defeat
But insanity swirls in self-indulging agony

Her eyes now more valuable than anything else
Her laugh intoxication

And slowly the darkness takes it’s toll
The constancy of rejection setting in deep

A chase for the impossible
Forgoes all within reach

All humor now evaporated from doubt
Pity, in its place standing.

Agony is soil that births
Burning up , throwing out, tearing down

All the while solidifying desires
Intensifying that which is central to our want

Heavy-handed catharsis
Slowly assessing what remains

After flames wrought in the agony of rejection
The insane emerges as all that is left

And so what was once a touch of the insane
Now flows forth in torrents

But as the insane presses forth,
The line between it and sanity is made ambiguous

Eyes no longer impenetrable.
All words of forbiddance burned up like chafe

Insanity sparkles in new clarity
Understood for what it is.

Reckless Hope.

Reckless hope that possesses and transforms
Leaving the holder helpless

The blue and green in her eyes now inviting
The ring on her finger a beacon for hope