Monday, 24 November 2008


To Love someone is to Bring yourself, in the profundity of your brokenness, into communion with an other's brokenness.

The blind man on the street with a tin cup does not need our pity, but our camaraderie in the fallenness of our humanity. It is not in abundance that we serve, but rather in total emptiness; so that we may be vessels, brimming with grace that calls us into a sober recognition of our own discontinuity with God.

The table of Gods eternal life, requires not our certainty in a treatise or statement of faith but rather our submission to God, so that in fear and trembling we may ne reconciled to life and painfully torn from death's grasp.

It is out of our conviction of humanities inadequacy that we can join together in mourning. Yet this mourning is not all that we share when reaching out to those in need, we can also be brought together in the Joy of the resurrection. We share in the knowledge that Christ has begun a great work in us that someday will be carried out to completion.

Together we must cry out for a mutual destruction with Christ on the cross, so that we may also be absorbed into his glorious resurrection and the life of the age to come.