Sunday, 2 March 2008

Over Darkness We Trod

With fire in his stare
He leads us, guides us into what quarrels may come
a remnant of valor that is now rare
Into this world we surge, Urged on by his voice we fight until the battle is won

It is not a battle of swords and death
Not against steel or with steel can it be fought
Our souls lock together, breathing in unison a holy breath
That breath which urges us onward into darkness that sin has wrought

Our Battle is against this present darkness of the soul
Christ leading us to live in the light, to fight for the all-consuming Holy
In this world we must let social justice Roll
In reaping the souls of those lost to a fallen world, we must not tarry

We stand a foretaste of the Kingdom of God
Through brokenness we pray and over darkness we trod

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